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Elliott's Chicken Challenge

West Allis, WI Location

Jul 30, 2017 • All Day

2017 Elliott’s Chicken Challenge

Amateur Competition Details

Sunday July 30th 2017


Chicken Challenge RULES and DETAILS

  • ‐  Teams consist of 2 contestants. We are accepting the first 12 Teams to Register & Pay Entry Fee.
  • ‐  Each team will be provided use of a 10’x10’ space, a Traeger Grill, Pellets, Chicken, and “two” 9” x 9” foamboxes to turn in their entry. This event will be held rain or shine.
  • ‐  Team will need to bring their own supplies such as: tent if wanted, utensils, seasonings, rubs, sauces, meatthermometers, chairs, prep table, cooler, etc. (no alcohol to be served or consumed during event).
  • ‐  Team will be expected to abide by Health and Safety Regulations.
  • ‐  Contestants must arrive by 7:30am on July 30th to check in and be assigned a blind check‐in number.
  • ‐  TWO Challenges. Challenge #1) Provided Leg / Thigh combo’s can be started anytime after 8am and willbe required to be turned in for judging at 11:00am. Your Chicken Temp will be checked at 10:45pm and will need to be 165 or greater to be eligible to be judged. Leg/Thigh Combos can be whole or detached. Challenge #2) Provided Wings will be given at the 11:00 turn in and can be started thereafter. Wings for judging can be Whole OR Drumette and/or Flat/Wingette and are to be turned in for judging at 1:30pm.
  • ‐  Event T‐Shirts will be provided to all Teams that enter. Trophies & Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
  • ‐  The provided Traeger Grills will be offered for sale at a discount to contestants first (in advance of event) and if any are available, to the public the day of the event.

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Team Sign Up is Closed. Hope to see you there!!



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