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2018 Elliott's Ace Traeger Steak Challenge Amateur Competition

West Allis, WI Location

Jul 22, 2018 • All Day

2018 Elliott’s Ace Annual Traeger Steak Challenge

Amateur Steak Grilling Competition and Traeger Grill Open House Details

Sunday July 22nd, 2018

We supply the brand new Traeger grill to use AND the steak. You supply the "secret recipe". 

Steak Challenge RULES and DETAILS

  • Teams consist of 2 contestants. We are accepting the first 12 Teams to Register & Pay Entry Fee.

  • Each team will be provided use of a 10’x10’ space, a Traeger Grill, Pellets, Bacon, Steak, and “two” 9” x 9” foam boxes to turn in their entries. This event will be held rain or shine.

  • Team will need to bring their own supplies such as: tent if wanted, utensils, seasonings, rubs, sauces, meat thermometers, chairs, prep table, cooler, etc. (no alcohol to be served or consumed during event).

  • Team will be expected to abide by Health and Safety Regulations.

  • Contestants must arrive by 8:30am on July 22th to check in and be assigned a blind check‐in number.

  • TWO Challenges. Challenge #1) Grilled Appetizer of your choice (with provided bacon). Appetizer can be started anytime after 9:00am and will be required to be turned in for judging at 11:00am. Challenge #2) Steak and Side Dish. Provided Steak will be given at the 11:00 turn in and can be started thereafter. Steak and Side Dish turned in for judging at 1:00pm.

  • Event T‐Shirts will be provided to all Teams that enter. Trophies & Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

  • The provided Traeger Grills will be offered for sale at a discount to contestants first (in advance of event) and if any are available, to the public the day of the event.


  • A panel of Judges will be assembled to judge the contest.

  • A minimum of (6) Appetizer portions should be assembled in the box – garnish optional.

  • A minimum of (6) Steak Cuts or (1) Whole Steak should be assembled in the box along with a proportional portion of your side – garnish optional.

  • Sauce & Glaze is acceptable but should be included in the box or already on the Steak.

  • Judging will be based on a score of 1 to 5, all whole numbers. 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Below Average, 1=Poor. Judging Steak will be on TASTE, APPEARANCE, TENDERNESS. Side Dish will be TASTE AND APPEARANCE. (Taste Weighted, Tenderness Weighted, Appearance Not Weighted)

  • In the event of a tie the TASTE Score will be used as the tie breaker followed by TENDERNESS and lastly if needed the APPEARANCE SCORE.

  • ENTRY FEE must be paid to Elliott’s Ace Hardware along with your Registration Form in order to hold your spot. Net Proceeds from event will be going to the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF WISCONSIN / CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK. Registrations forms are available on our Website.


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