2019 Color Trends

2019 Color Trends - Elliott's Ace Hardware Store
Clark + Kensington is happy to share 4 on-trend color collections for the home in 2019.

These are palettes for the adventurous. Someone who is excited by the power of paint.

Someone eager for high design at a good value. 


Take inspiration from raw and natural materials such as stones or linens.

This color palette celebrates the beauty of nature.

From natural orange to deep blues, this color palette speaks to our self-confidence and creative spirits.

Pair these colors with warm charcoal to ground your space and develop your craft.

Moderation Moderation
Pare back color to the essential. Choose earthy and comforting colors with a nostalgic touch.

Rustic orange energizes the dusty gray and olive tones.


We find ourselves needing to detox from the overload and complexity of our lives.

We need to connect with our environment, each other and most importantly - ourselves.


Visit any Elliott's Ace location to browse these trending colors. We will be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your home!